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one day i'll stay home... Sep. 12th, 2006 @ 05:00 pm
so i haven't updated in a pretty long time... i've been busier than i've ever been in my life this year. at the moment, i am taking 18 credits, and working. I have classes all day on tuesday and thursday, and then i work on wednesday and friday. that might not seem too busy when its put in those terms, but its really crazy for me. i stay at my grandpas on tuesday and thursday nights, because i'm still working in bloomfield hills, even though i have moved back home. its a strange feeling, being away from your room for an extended time, but it seems to be working alright. my grandpa seems pretty psyched about me being there. i think he's pretty lonely. anyway...i don't really have much to say. no big changes have happened in my life, and really there isn't anything worth typing about going on. because of my business i probably wont be updating this at all. so yeah....
Current Location: the O.C.
Current Mood: sick
Current Music: Misery Signals- The Failsafe

Apr. 16th, 2006 @ 11:04 pm

call me borderline Mar. 29th, 2006 @ 12:03 am
an hour long phone call
             from an hour away.        and the street lights blur untill i blink them away.

its the way things feel better, when we say them again.
its the way i fell in love, or stayed in like instead.

i dampen my breath with unease and time
i can't keep track of myself, or why i i let myself retract.

                                                             pride speaks measures  of my work that i try
                                                             and failure is all i feel, i keep my own pride buried deep and in tact.

and i need your voice sometimes                                                its frequency calms me
like i fail my own tests sometimes                                               to prove how i forget
then i bring up the past cause its smooth yet alarming
cover the lights with your hands; all i know now is regret

a youthful you follows the same set of rules.                
i change the way you do.
i can't remember the chords.....but the words went like this:
breathe a bright treason of colors
react to these letters as sounds
we aren't as sure as our mothers
but at least our heads aren't in the ground.
Current Mood: exhausted

Mar. 24th, 2006 @ 10:07 am
i have to go to class now, but i just want to say one thing....

snow?!!!???!!!! what the hell!!!

Mar. 9th, 2006 @ 11:10 pm

its just too funny.
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long day today. got up. went to work. crashed my car. did math. the usual.
» (No Subject)

You Have A Type B Personality


You're as laid back as they come...
Your baseline mood is calm and level headed
Creativity and philosophy tend to be your forte

Like a natural sedative, you have a soothing effect on people
Friends and family often turn to you first with their problems
You have the personality to be a spiritual or psychological guru

i just like how the word "guru" showed up. what a sweet word.

i got a job. i'm a security guard for detroit edison. haven't worked yet. but i will this weekend.
» if you can't get the best of us now...
How To Lose Three Jobs In One Day
by Joe

This sad but true tale begins one tuesday morning. As i woke up and took my normal shower, i remembered that there were a couple of job leads that i found in the newspapers. so after i cleaned myself up and put an end to the horrible smelling breath i was breathing, i called. one of the numbers was busy, and the other no one answered. so i kept calling. first i got through to the add that proudly proclaimed "$15.00/start...". after collecting my information, and me correcting her into understanding there are two s's in the middle of my last name, not f's, i got an interview at 1pm that day. next i got through to the other # and i talked to a guy named mike, who was way over enthusiastic about my phone call. he kept saying how great it was that i called, and that i sounded like just the person the were looking for. This made my confidence soar, because up till that point i hadn't received a single interview. he got some basic info, then told me to be there at 9am the next day, and wear khaki's and a polo shirt. so after my morning rituals of checking livejournal, myspace, and the facebook (pathetic, i know), and playing piano a little bit, i ate some lunch, and ironed my dresspants, and got my shirt and tie on (not the gold one, kim). i drove to marysville where i was greated by a large man (think "matt folley, motivational speaker" in true chris farley fashion), who gave me an application and told me to take a seat in the other room. when i opened the door i noticed a room almost full of 15-20 people filling out apps as well. eventually, Mr. McHugh (matt folley) came in the room. he started by first pointing out who he wasn't, "i am not with the vector knife company..." everyone lets out a sigh of relief, "i am not with the kirby vaccuum company..." he went on to say he wasn't part of any of the scams that everyone in the room obviously half expected him to be with. he was very enthusiastic. also, he was a strange man. often singleing people out and asking them weird questions like "are ya' married or happy?" or saying things like "on the last trip i won from the company, i got to go on a bahama cruise, i took my ex-wife, you know how you tend to bring stuff you don't need". the drummer must have missed his cue to give a little rim shot on that one. however, the deal seemed to be fantastic, and too good to be true. he showed us how it would be perfectly simple to make 600 dollars a week only working 15 hours. so i left a little skeptical, but a little excited. i had to call at 630 to find out if my application was accepted. he also told us to ask for "the money man" when we called..."the money man" being Mr. Mchugh himself, i think he gave himself the nick name. so i called on the way to stoney creek to bike with kim. "is the money man there?!" i asked in a loud psuedo-excited voice. he was there and he told me that he accepted my application and to be at the same place at noon the next day. now...this posed for a bit of a problem. i already had an interview at 9am with the other company, but i told the money man ok. the next morning i got up early and put on my newly purchased "dress for success clothing". i left at about 815 to make sure i had enough time. everything was going fine till i got on michigan street in marysville. a train was crossing the street, but i could see the end of it. with about two frieght cars to go, the train comes to a hault on the tracks, leaving me trapped between it and the line of cars behind me and in a panic. i relaxed myself noticing that i was very far ahead of schedule. eventually the train got rolling again, and i crossed the tracks and made it to erie construction company 10 minutes early. i walked in and said i had an interview with mike. the receptionist gave me an application and said to start filling it out, and mike would be right in. i filled the application out. just as i started, my phone rang, well, vibrated, and i ignored it, not recognizing the number, but the person left a message. i finished the app, and still no one came into the room. so i listened to my voice mail, it was the guy from a different construction company, in algonac, saying he wanted to hire me. being consious that it might be impolite to walk out to make a phonecall, i was going to wait till after what should be a short interview to call him back and take the job offer. mike didn't swagger his way into the room till 15 minutes after i had finished. he took me to a makeshift office, and conducted a makeshift interview. at one point he said "have you ever been convicted of a felony...ohwait, can i ask that? am i allowed to ask that" "i don't know, but the answer is no anyways". he hired me right on the spot, and slapped a huge stack of papers to read and sign. so i asked to step outside and make a few phonecalls first. i couldn't get ahold of Greg from the algonac const. company. Actually, i'm still not sure if his name is Greg. it could be Craig. so i just used a hard G sound. i left a message, but i didn't want to go back in and fill the paper work out if i had another job already. but i did anyway. while i filled out the hiring papers, mike and the other employees were having some huge conference call with what seemed like 8 other offices of this "construction" company. it became very clear that i would not be doing construction work, but some kind of sales. they were like...role playing and going over salespitch techniques, it was kinda weird. anyway, i finished the papers, and went out and called Greg again. he answered and told me he'd call me back in the evening, not the answer i was looking for, but still hopeful sounding. so i decided to go back in and see what mike had to say. he handed me a piece of paper that was a typed begining of a sales pitch, didn't give me any instructions, just gave me the paper. this whole day i was constantly holding back smartass remarks that could have gotten me fired. i'd much rather quit. anyway...skip ahead about an hour, its now 1130 and we're standing outside. Mike says "you've got a van, right joe?" i'm thinking "you've got to be kidding me..." "how many can you seat?" "well right now, i've got my bike, a guitar, a guitar amp, and a speaker cabinet in the back, so 1". thats right, not only were they having me work on my first day, they were having me drive. after lunch, for which i payed for myself, he did put gas in my tank. now, if you haven't figured it out, this was a door to door sales job. he had me walking around with this guy, josh, who was actually a great salesman, in the highlands in st. clair trying to pitch "leaf slugger" "a brand new and never before available in michigan gutter protection system" it sucked. it wasn't necessarily hard, its just hard to keep that face on to people and try to sound excited about something as completely boring as a gutter protector. we weren't even actually selling, all we were trying to do is to get people to agree to have a factory representitave come out and give them an estimate and demonstration on them. i had a hand in getting 3 people to say yes. which i guess is good for first day. notice i never said anything about a training course or anything. they threw me out onto the streets with a hand full of door hanger flyers on my first day. no wonder they can't hold onto any employees. and no wonder its considered "good" if you get one in 12 people to agree to have a free estimate. noone knows what the hell they're selling. at least not at first. so anyway...at 4pm josh said we're going back to the office to get some water, and change into shorts, then going back out. at this time i was inqusitive as to what time they generally worked. "we normally get out of the office by 9pm" josh said. "bullshit" i thought to myself. 9 am to 9 pm...thats not happening. plus...earlier in the day josh went over how the pay works...it was not the 12/hr they advertised (strike one), it was $8/hr + some crappy deal for every home that actually buys the flippin leaf slugger, which would be a result of some other salesman (strike two), and you wouldn't see that commission till the company recieved the money (strike three). when we got back to the office i told josh that i hadn't planned on having to go work right after the interview and that i had plans already for the evening. so he said that was fine and that i should be there at 930 the next day. (yeah right) i had already quit in my mind, but i wanted to wait and quit on the phone to avoid any confrontations. so i went home and then i went over to kim's. at 830 pm i decided to call greg, since i hadn't heard from him yet, and he said he'd call in the evening. i got a hold of him, and he told me that since i didn't answer my home phone or my cell phone, and that i didn't call "right back" he figured i'd already gotten a job, so he called and hired someone else, but he'd keep me in mind if he needed anyone else. BULL CRAP. thanks to my cell phones futuristic time telling technology, i checked my call history. his message came through at 850am. i called him back the first time at 920 am and left a message. thats a half hour. how long does it take this guy to decide i'm not calling back after he left a message saying that "if you're available, i'd like to take ya on" which i'm guessing translates to english as "i'll hire you". anyway, i was courtious enough on the phone and said thanks and definatly call me if you need anyone else to work for you...blah blah blah. So...i completely skipped the second day for the first sales job (the money man) to go to the erie const. company, which blew hard, then i screwed my chance to get into the other const. company because i was filling out an application for that door to door sales job. and there you have it folks. don't try this at home. it will lead to stressful headaches.

i guess you could pretend that the happy ending is that i have an interview at 3pm at bob evan's. here i come. haha.

» take our tears, put them on ice
still no job. this is getting old.

in other news, i'm using my parents new computer. its a brand new HP with everything sweet on it. mostly because they hired me to find the best computer deal for them. and i did. my parents were still using a computer running on windows 98. and even better, my mom still needed to get something off of their older computer that ran on windows 3.1. i swear...this place might fall apart if i leave. or at least everything will go absolutely nuts.

saw the mars volta 2 nights ago. i was yet again amazed. i felt bad for people who aren't musicians themselves, because it was probably a little drawn out...ok, a lot drawn out, but for a kid who loves every note that omar plays, it was an incredible experience.

thats all for now.

'cause i swear i'll burn the city down to show you the light
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